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Question: How does your Trade-In program work?

Answer: Simply e-mail or call us with the titles that you would like to trade-in to toward a new "one for one" DVD purchase.

We will instantly credit your account $ 1.00 for each DVD that you would like to Trade-In, then please select the Movie Titles that you want to purchase, we then deduct your Trade-In credit from the movie purchase total and we will meet up with you at a convenient time and place to swap your Trade-In movies for the remaining balance in cash, just as simple as that.


Question: Do you also just buy DVD movies from me rather than a Trade-In Credit?

Answer: There are always certain movie titles that we are in search of buying please simply e-mail me a list of what you want to sell and I will quote you on the lot if I do not already have most of your movie titles already in my current library. (

Question: What happens if one of my movies that I bought from you doesn't work properly?

Answer: Sometimes DVD's can contain scratches that affect their performance, we visually inspect and professionally resurface (if necessary) all DVD's before shipping them to you however if you bought the occasional DVD that looks physically good to our naked eye but doesn't play well for you, then simply call or e-mail us and we will either get you another copy of that movie or a refund your purchase with our sincere apologies.


Question: It seems that most DVD's that I buy everywhere do not play well on my DVD Player?

Answer: Older or sometimes inexpensive DVD Players over time can experience the Laser wearing out that reads the data from a DVD. Try playing the DVD on a laptop computer that has a DVD Program currently installed on it and if it plays well on the laptop perhaps the Laser on your DVD Player needs replacement.


Question: I own a bunch of old VHS tapes that I would like to sell, trade or donate do you take those into trade or outright purchase as well?

Answer: There are certain titles even in the VHS format that we will allow Trade-In, Donation or Outright purchase on, please e-mail me a list of what you have and I am sure that we can work something out together.

Please call or e-mail us for any other questions that you might have-!


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