To Love, Honor and Deceive

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Sydney is a former film editor who now is married with a six year old son, Adam, living in a beautiful huge house and doing whatever she wants to do. However, she has nightmares that she cannot find her son. It's her gut telling her something. She wants to invite her husband's parents to Adam's birthday party, but her husband puts the kibosh on that - at least he's tells her not to.

The next thing she knows he's taking her son out in a boat on a stormy day (or says he's going to anyway). The Coast Guard searches for them but finds nothing. Sydney holds a memorial service then finds out that her ever present best friend had an affair with her husband.

Sydney is told there are discrepancies with her husband's accounting and there is no money. She continues to live in the huge house and drive her Volvo, so she is not affected by this news. She slowly figures out that her husband is a con man and liar (she looks for his parents without success) and believes that he has run off with her son. Why? A psychopath would not take the kid unless it would do him some good, instead of weigh him down.

Detective Sanders (James Wilder) tries to help her when her house is broken into but instead of being much of a help, he becomes infatuated with her and seems to lose his reasoning abilities.

Sydney does all the investigating herself.

Can you imagine what happens next in this wickedly satisfying thriller?

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