Row Your Boat

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Eighties rock band Bon Jovi's frontman, Jon Bon Jovi, stars in this movie about an ex-convict trying to once again find his place in the world.

Bon Jovi plays Jamey Meadows, a man newly released from prison who has found himself homeless on the crazy streets of New York City.

Slowly, he must try to build his life up from the gutter. Resisting constant offers from his brother, played by William Forsythe, to rejoin the insidious world of crime, Meadows takes a menial job as a door to door census worker.

Among his many encounters throughout this job, he meets a young Chinese immigrant who is just as unhappy in her life as he is in his.

These two slowly hit it off and a relationship gradually begins to develop between them.

Can Jamey Meadows learn to live in this new life, or will the temptations of his old ways drag him back to where he started?

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