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Anne Hathaway stars in this psychological thriller as Claire Summers, a driven young psychiatrist who consumes herself in work at the expense of her social life. Following a plane crash, Claire is called upon to counsel the few survivors. These men and women are understandably traumatized, showing signs of post-traumatic stress syndrome, shock, and in the case of passenger Eric (Patrick Wilson), a state of euphoria.

Claire leads a therapy group attended by every passenger except Eric, who will agree to see Claire only on a casual, one-on-one basis on the understanding that he is not a "patient" but a friend. Claire agrees to this reluctantly with the hope that this arrangement will help her reach Eric and get him to open up about his experience. As Claire hears contradictory accounts of the crash from each survivor, she starts to suspect foul play on the part of the airline. Meanwhile, she struggles to keep her ever-growing relationship with Eric professional.

PASSENGERS offers subtle twists and turns keep the plot moving as an experienced cast of familiar faces bring the script to life. Other names include Clea Duvall as a group therapy member, and Dianne Wiest as Claire's nosy neighbor.

GET SMART's Anne Hathaway takes a dark turn with this thriller where she stars as a therapist who begins to speak with the five survivors of a deadly crash. She soon realizes that their stories don't mesh with the airline's official statements, and events are further complicated when she falls in love with one of the survivors (Patrick Wilson).

PASSENGERS also stars David Morse, Andre Braugher, Clea DuVall, and Dianne Wiest.

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