Nomad-The Warrior

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Oscar-winning director Milos Forman executive produces this cinematic import from Kazakhstan.

In the 18th century, Mongolian invaders rule the country.

The Kazakhs are divided by infighting, but Oraz (Jason Scott Lee, THE JUNGLE BOOK) searches for the messiah destined to unite and save his people. He finds Mansur, the baby boy of prophecy, and trains him to be a fighter.

As Mansur (Kuno Becker, GOAL!) becomes a man, he reveals himself to be a mighty warrior, as does his best friend, Erali (Jay Hernandez, HOSTEL). The men prepare to battle the Mongols, who are led by the strength of Sharish (Mark Dacascos, IRON CHEF).

Though this war epic features an unusual subject in its focus on the history of Kazakhstan, it follows in the footsteps of Hollywood war films such as BRAVEHEART.

Unlike most recent battle-driven movies, NOMAD: THE WARRIOR doesn't rely on computer-generated effects to create its vast armies. Instead, it focuses on the talents of real people, including Dacascos, who has displayed his martial-arts prowess in films like DOUBLE DRAGON and BROTHERHOOD OF THE WOLF.

Each of the actors displays deft sword fighting skills--an essential in a film fueled by action.

Italian composer Carlo Siliotto (THE PUNISHER) garnered a Golden Globe nomination for his powerful score.

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