Nobel Son

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Randall Miller's NOBEL SON is an ultra-stylized comic thriller with so many twists it could make David Mamet blush.

The film opens at the midway point for a quick jolt of violence, then backs up and tells the story from the very beginning.

Barkley Michaelsen (Bryan Greenberg) is a college student living under the shadow of his monstrous, arrogant father, Eli (Alan Rickman), who has just been awarded the Nobel Prize for chemistry.

When not being a genius, Eli reveals himself to be a truly miserable man who cheats on his beautiful wife, Sarah (Mary Steenburgen). As for Barkley, on the night that he goes home with a sultry poet named City Hall (Eliza Dushku), his life takes an unexpected turn for the dangerous.

The arrival of a mysterious figure named Thaddeus James (Shawn Hatosy) confirms his troubled situation. At this point, the lies, double crosses, and back-stabs begin to multiply at an alarming rate.

NOBEL SON comes off like a glossy, revved-up hybrid between Quentin Tarantino and torture porn. Miller and Jody Savin fill their script with as many comic elements as they do noir-esque twists and moments of grotesque violence.

NOBEL SON is for those viewers who like a healthy dose of gore and humor with their twisting narratives.

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