Minority Report

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The science-fiction thriller MINORITY REPORT, directed by Steven Spielberg and starring Tom Cruise, is based on a short story by renowned writer Philip K. Dick.

In the year 2054, in Washington, D.C., murder has been eliminated thanks to Pre-crime, a program that uses the visions of three psychics, called Precogs (an abbreviation for precognitive thinkers), to arrest and imprison would-be murderers before they have a chance to kill.

Tom Cruise plays John Anderton, a Pre-crime enforcer who believes in the system for his own personal reasons--years back his young son was abducted, and he has dealt with the loss by becoming a high-strung Pre-crime officer.

The director of Pre-crime (Max von Sydow) is eager to take the program national, and feels threatened by an ambitious federal agent (Colin Farrell) who is bent on finding a flaw in the system.

When Anderton finds himself accused of the future murder of a man he's never met, his faith in Pre-crime is instantly shaken. He goes on the run, and is trailed by the relentless Pre-crime police.

In the tradition of BLADE RUNNER (also based on a Dick story), MINORITY REPORT is a dark, brooding vision of the future. Spielberg expertly mixes thrilling chase and suspense sequences (the best of which involves Anderton being pursued by eye-scanning mechanical spiders) and stunning special effects with a challenging look at society's willingness to sacrifice privacy and the notion of free will for convenience and security.

MINORITY REPORT is a thought-provoking and exciting film that ranks with Spielberg's best.

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