Lookout, The

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Equal parts psychological thriller and heist movie, this film from screenwriter Scott Frank is a smart first feature with a strong cast.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays Chris Pratt, a young man whose life changes after a car accident. Though Chris survived, he's not the cocky high school athlete everyone remembers. Instead, a head injury leaves him with memory loss and the need to write everything down in a notebook.

After leaving his late-night job as a bank janitor for the evening, Chris meets Gary (Matthew Goode) and Luvlee (Isla Fisher, WEDDING CRASHERS) at a neighborhood bar. Though they initially seem genuine, Gary reveals his intentions to rob the bank where Chris works.

Eager for friendship and a return to the person he used to be, Chris is quickly in over his head.

After starring in THIRD ROCK FROM THE SUN, Gordon-Levitt hasn't gone the typical route of a 20-something actor. There isn't a single mainstream film in his post-sitcom filmography, and he has chosen smart indie fare such as BRICK and MYSTERIOUS SKIN.

Though THE LOOKOUT is a larger project, it gives him the chance to shine. Jeff Daniels (THE SQUID AND THE WHALE) adds depth and wry humor with his portrayal of Lewis, Chris's blind roommate. British actor Goode trades in the good-guy roles in CHASING LIBERTY and MATCH POINT for this decidedly darker part.

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