Good Thief, The

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Irish director Neil Jordan and veteran actor Nick Nolte combine their talents for this breezy heist picture.

Bob (Nolte) is a retired master thief and gambler living as an expatriot in France. His past robberies are the stuff of underworld legend, but he's given it all up, and fallen into a twilight life of heroin addiction and seedy gambling dens.

Then a chance encounter with an attractive young runaway (Nutsa Kukhianidze) inspires him to clean up his act and take one last big job; an elaborate modern art heist at a swanky Riviera casino. Standing in his way is a cagey police inspector (Tchéky Karyo) who is determined to bring him down even though the two are longtime friends.

The twisty caper plotting compliments a fun cast including clever dialogue, stylish direction, and pretty Riviera scenery.

The result is both elegant and warmly quirky. As for Nolte, he seems to be having a terrific time; the charming old rascal role fits him perfectly. Ralph Fiennes has a small role as a disreputable art dealer.

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