G.I. Jane

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Demi Moore is in top form in this action-packed hit!

Moore stars as gutsy Lieutenant O'Neil, the first woman ever given the opportunity to earn a place in the armed forces most highly skilled combat unit -- the elite Navy SEALS.

But the already brutal rigors of training camp turn into an unimaginable test of courage and determination once it becomes clear that no one -- powerful politicians, top military brass, or her male Navy SEAL team-mates wants her to succeed.

A critically acclaimed triumph directed by action hitmaker Ridley Scott you'll cheer for G.I. JANE as this brave soldier proves she belongs among the best of the best.

She's been recruited as the first female SEAL trainee through a series of backroom political maneuvers, and must prove her military staying power against formidable odds--not the least of which is the abuse of a tyrannical master (Viggo Mortensen) who puts her through hell to improve her chances of success.

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