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In 1983, young Catherine (Danielle Brooks) always dreamed of marrying a man like her father (Ron Rowe). She asks, in a child's innocence, if she could marry her father. Her mother (Joy Joiner) tells her no, that he is already her husband and their love will never be done.

Twenty-five years later, Catherine (Erin Bethea) is a hospital administrator, married to fire captain Caleb Holt (Kirk Cameron).

Caleb recruits young men under the dictum of never leaving one's partner, especially in a fire. But at home, it is revealed that he and Catherine argue over almost everything.

Catherine accuses Caleb of being selfish with his time and money and is especially angered that Caleb is saving up his money to buy a large and expensive boat.

Caleb retorts that Catherine prioritizes preferences over needs and is ungrateful for all he does to help others.

They both feel that the other is uncaring and unappreciative of the other.

Their constant arguing finally comes to a head and Catherine demands a divorce, to which an enraged Caleb agrees.

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