Crazy Heart

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Jeff Bridges' style of acting, as demonstrated by his long wait for Oscar gold, is deliberately low-key and can easily be taken for granted.

His work here portraying a broken-down alcoholic country singer is no exception.

These type of roles bring out the ham in some actors but Bridges' Bad Blake mostly suffers in silence.

Bad has been down so long that when they deny him a bar tab at a bowling alley gig he just lights a cigarette in knowing recognition.

"Crazy Heart" is a personal journey for Bad from being downtrodden to some form of personal redemption.

It's not a pleasant journey but it is a fascinating one.

Besides Bridges the film's cast is terrific starting with Maggie Gyllenhaal's sympathetic girlfriend, Colin Farrell as a former protege of Bad's whose made the big time, and the irrepressible Robert Duvall as an old friend of Bad's who demonstrates the tough love that others are unable to give.

If Bridges' work here reminded me of anything it was Duvall's in "Tender Mercies" back in 1983.

Don't get me wrong because this is a work unique to Bridges but he knows how to give props to another masterful actor.

Unarguably "Crazy Heart" is one of the best pictures that came out last year.

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