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Are humans meant to mate for life?

What drives someone in a perfectly good relationship to cheat and risk losing the one that they love and that loves them?

Is it possible to love more than one person at the same time?

How well does anyone really know the one that they love?

Directed by Mike Nichols (THE GRADUATE, BIRDCAGE, WORKING GIRL), CLOSER questions the nature of relationships and fidelity as it follows the tangled web created by Dan (Jude Law), Alice (Natalie Portman), Anna (Julia Roberts), and Larry (Clive Owen). Dan, a British writer of obituaries, and Alice, a young American stripper, meet in the film's opening scene when a London cab runs her down.

Cut to a year later: Dan and Alice are now a couple, but he is suddenly smitten with Anna, a beautiful American photographer.

In an ironic twist of fate, Anna meets Larry, a British doctor, and they are soon a couple, despite Dan's continuing obsession.

But the entanglements don't end there, and ultimately, someone is sure to get hurt.

The four players do justice to a script that is humorous, raw and disarmingly honest about adult relationships.

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