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An action-heavy thriller with a metaphysical twist, Chaos pits action stars of the past (Wesley Snipes) and present (Jason Statham from The Transporter) against each other in a race to uncover the truth behind a seemingly perfect heist.

Statham (sporting a come-and-go American accent) is a troubled cop who is called out by Snipes' bank robber to stop him from executing a scheme that will end with not only all participants evading capture, but no money removed from the vaults.

It's an engaging premise, and one made moderately more so by Snipes' interest in chaos theory, and director Tony Giglio orchestrates the action with a professional hand.

Unfortunately, the pieces fall together in an entirely predictable manner, which stranded the leads (as well as Ryan Phillippe as Statham's rookie partner) in an overly familiar story and undermines the novel spin of Snipes' plan.

Abound with random acts of violence and deception - the only hope for survival is finding an order to the chaos.

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