Book of Eli, The

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"The Book of Eli" is an intense drama set in post-apocalyptic time period where civilization has broken down.

The main character is Eli, played by Denzel Washington.

A solitary figure in a dangerous area, he is on a quest to go to west. Along the way, Eli passes a town where the local tyrant is searching for a copy of the Bible. Most luxuries are nonexistent, including books.

The leader, Carnegie believes that the Bible can be used to control people. When Eli proves himself a great warrior, Carnegie first tries to recruit the nomad into his gang of thugs. Once he discovers that Eli has the book, a violent chase begins, and Eli must reach the western coast before he dies.

Although "The Book of Eli" is clearly a drama, the movie also has overtones of the western movie genera.

"The Book of Eli" has an all-star cast that includes Mila Kunis, Ray Stevenson, Jennifer Beals, Evan Jones, and Gary Oldman.

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