Blood City and God Said to Cain

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In BLOOD CITY, a man named Michael (Keir Dullea) wakes up in an unknown landscape w/ four strangers.

After a short introduction, the five begin walking.

They are attacked by brigands, and one of them is shot dead while the lone female among them is raped.

Enter a mysterious man in black (Jack Palance) on horseback, who leads the group to a small town populated by cowboy-types dressed in similar black outfits.

Michael and company soon discover that their situation is dire, and something beyond their comprehension is behind it all.

BLOOD CITY is a sci-fi / thriller that is sort of a cross between WESTWORLD and a very bizarre TWILIGHT ZONE or OUTER LIMITS episode.

Palance and Dulea are great in their roles, as is Samantha Eggar (DEMONOID, THE BROOD) as a technician.

AND GOD SAID TO CAIN is a more traditional western, w/ a man (Klaus Kinski- CRAWLSPACE, VENOM) released from prison seeking revenge on those who wronged him.

What makes it special is the creepy, ominous way in which it is shot.

Full of dark, foreboding occurrences, this film plays like a horror movie.

It holds the attention, and delivers plenty of bleak atmosphere.

This is an excellent double feature!

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