Big Red One, The

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The famous 1st Div. of the U.S. Army is the background for this World War II film.

Marvin stars as an experienced sergeant with four teenagers in his squad.

Combat period covers the landing in North Africa through the invasion of Europe.

Reviews Below:

"A picture of palpable raw power which manages both intense intimacy and great scope at the same time..."


"Handsome, technically first-rate....Fuller is a nervy, no-nonsense Hollywood original..."


"It now seems to be Fuller's masterpiece, maybe the most unpretentious war movie ever."


"This is Marvin's picture, and he dominates it not with heroics and speechmaking but with competence, patience, realism and a certain tender sadness."


"It's vivid stuff, with an intimacy and intensity not found in later war movies..."


"From the chaos on Omaha Beach to the scene with the little girl dying in Lee Marvin's arms, this is a film that burns deep into your brain."


"It now explodes onscreen with the brash extremes of cynical violence, heartache, and profane humor that define Fuller's cinematic style."

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