Bangkok Dangerous

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In BANGKOK DANGEROUS, Nicolas Cage (NATIONAL TREASURE) stars as Joe, a hit man who goes to Thailand on a mission.

The beauty of both the city and one of its residents distracts Joe, and he begins to take a young man under his wing, but his boss won't let the original goal be forgotten

Following an assignment in Prague, lonely hitman Joe (Cage) arrives in Bangkok under contract to a mobsters who have hired him to kill four people, including a trafficker of young girls and a politician. After seeing young street criminal Kong (Shahkrit Yamnarm) in action, Joe hires him to be his liaison to his employers.

During a trip to a pharmacy to get disinfectant for a wound gotten during a motorcycle chase, Joe meets pretty mute pharmacist Fon (Charlie Young). The two begin to date, and though she is oblivious to his profession, she provides some sweetness in his dangerous, lonely life. Joe also becomes a mentor to young Kong, but these meaningful distractions in his life could prove dangerous to his job.

Cage is appropriately stoic as Joe, and sports a bizarre mane of jet-black hair. The Bangkok locations are effective and the crowded nighttime streets make for exciting chase sequences.

The onscreen violence is not exceptionally graphic with the exception of a realistic arm severing, and one sequence of bullets puncturing a boat as seen from underwater is beautifully shot.

Most surprising, though, is the film's final sequence, which is uncharacteristic of most American-made action yarns.

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